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Case story: Man 25 years old

The situation before joining Raizes

Before starting my adventure in the community/family of Raizes, I was a boy who attended school and played soccer. I grew up in a drug neighborhood, a pretty insecure place. I was influenced by this world, as I didn’t trust people from other cultures. I got stressed a lot spending time with people who were different from me: I had little confidence and wanted to take refuge in my own world, to escape from this situation. This is why I tried to spend as little time as possible in these parts of the city and I took refuge in football, where I gave vent to all my energies.

Once I joined this project, I changed completely. A world opened up to me, where I discovered volunteering activities, workshops and laboratories, with many cultures. Something I never imagined, with people I never thought I’d know and share so many moments with. It opened my eyes, seeing all things from another perspective, understanding myself much more, trying to see things from different points of view and meeting so many people that I always carry in my heart.

How is the situation now

Entering this world has taught me many things. As a youngster I was more insecure and having grown up in an environment where I didn’t feel comfortable and there was always a fear of meeting people. So I discovered myself, my passions came out, my inner strength, I understood many things. Some time ago I bought a house, where I currently live. If I just think back to a few years ago, it seems like an impossible thing. Instead, since I have been part of the community, I have resumed studying and obtained a degree. Today I work in the crew of an airplane: I feel very good relating to so many people. I’m still very attached to the community where I grew up, that’s why I try to always be in contact with them (even if it’s not always easy because of the job I have today): every time I go back there I feel at home and it’s a pleasure every time meeting friends, acquaintances and people with whom I have shared important moments of life.

Importance of the community

Becoming part of a community like the one I was lucky enough to meet is something I wish for every person. It made me grow as a person and as a man, it changed my perspective on life. Within this community I have found people I trust completely and who even today, after so many years, are fundamental in my life. I try to find and take advantage of every possible opportunity to spend time together, because I feel it is an added value. These people have become like brothers to me: always ready to help you, always smiling and available. It is not a community, it is a real family.

It’s amazing to find out how people so different from each other can become such friends. Being part of a community where we feel at ease, where we can discover ourselves, with all our strengths and weaknesses, is priceless. I will never stop thanking them for welcoming me from the first moment.

Characteristics of a good community 

One of the key characteristics of a good community is having people who care about you. They are always available, always ready to help you. You can see them often, or a little more rarely, but you know they’re always there. A constant presence: many times you don’t have to look for them, they understand that you need something. Closely connected to all of this is the empathy that arises between them: this is one of the main aspects on which an entire community rests. Another characteristic that distinguishes a good community is its interest in the future. We live in the present which is the moment that counts, but at the same time it is essential to have a vision, a direction where we want to go, to build something (a bond, an idea, a project, small or large) together: this can create even stronger and more stable bonds.